Manual Lymphatic Draining (MLD) is a massage technique which stimulates the lymphatic flow reducing and impeding fluid retention.

Drainage means mobilising the extracellular fluid from the area where it has been accumulating and allowing it to be released. Therefore, it is aimed at activating the lymphatic circulation.

Antiedema benefit: it encourages the natural drainage of extracellular fluid and of the lymph which, for specific pathological reasons, has accumulated in certain parts of the body. Relaxing and calming benefit: as it uses slow, gentle, unvaried and repetitive movements on the skin. Muscular system benefit: it exerts a relaxing motion on tense or hypertonic muscles.

MLD will relieve the following conditions:

  • Primary and secondary lymphedema.
  • Local post-traumatic edemas: hematomas, muscle strains, sprains, dislocations.
  • Other disorders/ailments such as Sudeck’s atrophy, migraines, headaches.
  • Swelling on the body resulting from venous or arterial insufficiency.

The number and duration of the appointments vary according to the patient’s diagnosis.